The ACA Group with its 35 years of sustained growth positions itself today as one of the most relevant Portuguese players in the construction sector, given the diversity and excellence of its vast portfolio.

Based on the activities of civil construction and public works, operating in virtually all specialties within this industry, the group has been proven capable and it offers a large array of other services, from “back office” work to environmental intervention, sports infrastructures, aggregates exploitation, distribution, international trade and public equipments concessions.

The result of rigorous, dynamic and innovative management, the ACA Group reinvents itself constantly to respond to the highest standards and challenges, both nationally and internationally.

The group’s evolution has also determined a larger decentralization, with comprehensive corporative structures, currently covering 4 macro regions: Portugal, Europe & North Africa (France, Poland and Algeria), Sub-Saharan Africa (Angola, Republic of the Congo and São Tomé and Príncipe) and Latin America (Brazil).

High standards of rigor, quality, and capacity for execution and competitiveness makes the ACA Group an acknowledged organization in every market it operates.