Add value for shareholders and customers, through a sustainable resource management.


Being a benchmark of excellence in the activities carried out and markets in which operates.



This value is sistems from the scrupulous fulfillment of obligations inherent to each function and position. It permeates the company through an attitude of caring about the organization of our processes and compliance to our goals.

A thorough employee searches the necessary information – complete and accurate – to debate the relevant subjects, avoiding all sorts of subjective consideration of little use to the assessment of the matter and the decision making process. A thorough employee is especially demanding of him/herself.


The Quality value must reflect on everything that we do in the Organization, from the works we build and the services we provide to the tools and methods of management that we use: everything must irradiate quality.

The Quality value starts in each employee’s self-control for good performance on every task; on controlling the conformity of each process so that the final product or service shows very high standards of Quality, assuring thus the satisfaction of our clients and consequently incrementing the competitiveness of our Group.


The Professionalism value demands from employees an attitude of respect and commitment with the management options and interests of the Organization. It also demands that everyone know and strive towards the fulfillment of our mission.

The Professionalism value has its expression in the accomplishment of goals, of quality, in the rationalization of resources allocation within the company, in the dedication that we invest in the way we execute and present our work to our clients, internal and external.

The employee does not mistake his/her roles in the interpersonal relationships at work and knows how to keep the necessary distances not to lose objectivity. He/She can prevent and manage conflicts due to his/her impartiality, assertiveness and cordiality.

The employee exercises his/her function with integrity, always acting under all circumstances with uprightness and honesty, refraining from accepting any kind of compensation, favor or advantage from third parties (suppliers, mediators or clients) for anything practiced in service of the company and refusing to interfere with situations in which there is or might be a conflict of personal or institutional interests.


The Cooperation value is expressed in our professional daily life through an attitude that seeks to comprehend the interdependence that each position has in regard to the others when pursuing the collective goals of our enterprises.

The Cooperation value is reinforced daily through an attitude that seeks availability and proactiviness in order to understand and to collaborate eagerly to satisfy the needs of our clients, as well as in the constructive feedback given to our internal suppliers, always with an aim for continuous improvement.


The Equity value translates first and foremost into equality of opportunities to all employees in regards to opportunities of career development, work conditions and other inherent aspects to the juridical relationship that the company establishes to its employees.

The Equity value obeys the principle of material equality, i.e. treating equally that which is equal and treating differently that which is different, in opposition to a kind of formal equality that treats all as equals in disregard to the particularities of specific cases.


This value is concretized when many of the other values are already a part of our employees’ daily practices. Excellence translates into a collective attitude of pride and high standards to perform well and wanting to always perform better; to be part of an organization that is at once a national and international reference.

Operating day-by-day this value of Excellence in our practices opens the way to the Employer Branding process, upon which a company can signal to the outside world an institutional image and an organizational culture that makes it attractive for talents that it wants to recruit. We all must focus on this horizon.